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My Story with Pets

 Scooby  "Scoober"

Tabby Cat

Misty and Pongo

Two Dalmatians

Scratch and Loki

Two Orange Cats

Cats and Dogs have been in my life since I was a young girl. 
Misty and Pongo were my dogs for 14 years! They both crossed the rainbow bridge in 2004.

They are thought of often as they brought many years of joy to my life!

Scooby was a true lap cat. Anytime you sat down, he was with you.  Once I had my son, Scooby became his instantly and could be found snuggled up to him constantly! 

Scratch and Loki are our current fur-kids. They are both rescues from stray litters a momma cat was having at my Pépé's years ago. Scratch is calm and cuddly, and Loki is bit more on the skittish side.  Loki has taken to my son like a shadow and doesn't stray far from him.

I've had other pets before these and will always remember them all.

Pets are here for us when we need them, and in return they deserve the best we can provide. Our pet fashion accessories are fun to have for your own pet and also make thoughtful gifts for your pet loving friends.


Me with Pugs and Smokey


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